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Pancham Case Study:

Soul Martial Arts, Ontario Canada

The Run Down:

Justin and Eric have owned and operated their gym for 13 years. They used to have a member base in the 400s. Sadly when the pandemic hit, their business took a big hit, which decreased their members by more than half. Since then, they have been zeroing in on getting the business back up to where it previously was. They haven't done marketing in the last year and previously had used other agencies that offered false promises & in their words got 'ripped off.' They are strong believers in Pancham and our effective end to end lead generating systems which is apparent in their numbers; 70 leads in 21 days, 40 bookings.

Biggest things Pancham helped move the needle on:

  • Lead nurturing and booking appointments; One of the main reasons why they decided to sign on with Pancham. They do not have the time or staff to handle this piece themselves. Pancham's speed to lead has made a huge difference, calling or texting within 2-4 minutes and the messages Pancham uses are very effective to get prospects to book. Has been apparent in the number of leads that are coming through the door.
  • Expertise; From the get go, Pancham helped them create a lucrative offer that spoke to leads and in only 21 days of launching ads they have had 70 leads, and 40 of them booked. Their cost per lead currently is at $10. They are seeing more leads in the gym than with previous agencies.
  • Fulfilling our promise: generating quality leads and making adjustments on the fly to target the right audience. Pancham has been one of the most successful campaigns that they ever have run and have had an excellent experience from Dave all the way to their CSM.