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Who do you work with?

We work with fitness-based franchises such as gyms, yoga studios, martial arts and fitness centers, bootcamps, HIIT facilities...and more.

Not a franchise? No problem! We work with any fitness based business looking to gain more members.

What if i'm not a franchise?

No problem! We work with fitness business of all shapes and sizes who are looking to gain more members!

We work with mom and pop shops, boutique fitness brands, small businesses, passionate entrepreneurs, personal trainers, fitness studios, MMA gyms, boxing studios, barre classes, martial arts facilities, sauna studios, rowing classes, cycle bars... well, you get the idea!

What services do you offer?

We're a full-service fitness marketing agency with a suite of services to support the growth of our clients' businesses, including advertising, marketing, and sales. Each of our clients have different needs so the services we provide vary from client to client. We promise to only recommend what we believe, in our professional opinion, will be the best service(s) for your business.

What do you specialize in?

Ideal Client Acquisition, High-Quality Lead Generation, and Boosting Membership Sales.

(On average our clients see 15 - 30 prospects in the door in just the first month!)

We know that the success of your franchise depends on our ability to deliver results, and we take that responsibility very seriously with our strict "quality-first" approach.

How does lead nurturing work?

Our team is contacting warm leads for you within two minutes of receiving them.

For leads that don't immediately book an appointment, our team follows up with them for at least 7 days.

This two-pronged lead nurture approach has allowed us to produce a 60%- 80% booked appointment show rate for our clients.

How can you help me grow my franchise?

From lead generation for yoga studios to TikTok ads for gyms, to more gym members - Pancham has no shortage of franchise growth strategies. Our team members have a combined 20 years of experience in the fitness industry making us one of the most experienced fitness marketing agencies in the business.

Why should I work with Pancham?

Simple - you want more members

- More Gym members
- More Yoga Studio members
- More Bootcamp members
- More Martial Arts members
- More Pilates members
- More Boxing members

AND, you want better leads, more revenue, and an optimized ad spend.

To achieve this, you need a fitness marketing agency with a proven approach to acquiring new members.

Pancham is that agency.

What franchises have you worked with?

We have worked with many different franchises and boutique studios over the years such as;

- Burn Bootcamp
- ISI Elite Training
- F45
- Orangetheory Fitness
- iLoveKickboxing
- The Bar Method
- Madabolic
- Fit Body Bootcamp
- The Little Gym
- Full Stride Performance
- HIIT Logic
- Engage Personal Training
- IMX Pilates and Fitness
- Class UFC Gym
- Azteca San Diego Boxing Club
- HOTBOX Fitness
- Anytime Fitness
- Basecamp Fitness
- 9Round Kickboxing
- Backology
- CycleBar
- Karate America
- RollFast Fitness

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