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Whether you're looking to increase memberships, drive sales, or expand your franchise into new markets, Pancham is standing by to be your dedicated growth partner.

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We'll find you the best prospects, send them the most effective messages, and convert them into loyal members day after day.

Our strict "quality-first" approach has allowed us to produce industry-leading results for our clients, time and time again.

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Client Testimonials

Here are some words of love from our clients around the country. You could be here next.

Closed 40 new members in our first month!

"When our HQ put us in charge of our own marketing - I panicked, I had NO IDEA what to do. I quickly hired someone to handle everything. After 6 months of little to no growth we were referred to Pancham and as soon as we went live the floodgates opened and everything changed. We had never seen growth like that in our 3 years open -  it was chilling. Switching to Pancham was the best thing we have ever done for our business.


We won 2 awards!

"We won promotional gladiators for leads (big thanks to your team!) and membership growth!

We had the most leads come through our doors and the most membership growth out of 300 locations. We crushed it. Please tell your team thank you!"


I wish I would've made the switch months ago!

"I've seen more trials within my gym in the past few weeks than I have in months, and my staff have been commenting about how many ads they've been seeing! Another incredible service they provide is booking prospects first camps. They handle all of the interactions and communications before the client walks through the door, which is a huge time-saver and increases the visit rate of clients!"


34 Contracts in June Alone!

"LOVE that vou took the time to make a short video that allows me to have a quick "status call' with you at my convenience. I am thrilled with the results we are seeing.

We sold 34 contracts in June and eleven since July 1st. Thank you for getting us past our break even point Our next short term goal is to hit 200. Only 46 members away!"


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franchise digital marketing

time-tested and results-backed marketing approach to your business

Our average client sees 15 - 30 prospects in the door in just the first month

lead gen

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Through our end-to-end lead generation process, with a presence on all major social media platforms including TikTok, we produce high-intent leads for your gym or studio that consistently convert into paying members. We also have a team working with your gym 7 days a week, 18 hours a day to maximize lead conversion.

lead nurture

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Our team is contacting warm leads for you within two minutes of receiving them. For leads that don't immediately book an appointment, our team follows up with them for at least 7 days. This two-pronged lead nurture approach has allowed us to produce a 70% booked appointment show rate for our clients.

membership training

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The Program

Our Membership Growth Training includes powerful strategies to immediately increase your close ratio and start gaining more members, today. Get ready to profitably grow your business during any season of the year.

The Advisor + Coach

Chris is a mentor and business coach, who has spent over 2 decades in the fitness industry with some of the top big box and studio brands including Orangetheory, Chuze Fitness, and New York Sports Club. He is also a personal trainer, director of sales and operations, and corporate educator.


Membership Mastery Growth Coaching Program

Skyrocketing Member Growth Since 2019

Create jaw-dropping results in one of the most competitive industries

the program

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Our Membership Mastery Growth program is the first and only coaching program where you can get direct training and support resources for you AND your staff. Each week you'll meet with our team of advisors and coaches who will provide highly tactical tips and techniques that can be applied to every aspect of your fitness business - immediately.

the advisors

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Our fitness-based franchise advisors are no strangers when it comes to the complexities, obstacles, and “what do I do now?” moments. Weekly training calls are hosted by fitness sales experts that have sold thousands of memberships and have decades of hands-on experience. Topics include overcoming objections, team morale, handling seasonality, and tonality.

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