Pancham Case Study:

HIIT Logic, Bend

The Run Down:

Katie and Jon opened their 4th location last year and they weren't seeing the growth they expected. Their newest location is in an area with a lot of competition, they tried doing the  marketing on their own and it wasn't producing enough new members. Their Gym was at 80 members when they started with Pancham and in 5 months of working with Pancham the gym has grown to 120 members and monthly revenue has increased by $6500.  

Biggest things Pancham helped move the needle on:

  • Booking the first visit; they did not have the bandwidth to handle this themselves, didn't know how to effectively reach out. Pancham's speed to lead has made a huge difference, calling or texting within 2-4 minutes and the messages Pancham uses are very effective to get prospects to book. This is something they could not do themselves and they do not have enough staff to handle it.  
  • Expertise; Pancham immediately suggested spending more on ads and helped them see why its worth the extra expense. The professional copy, videos, hooks really helped grow their brand awareness and member base.
  • Communication; regular check-ins with results and suggestions is really helpful. Pancham is very responsive when they have a question or if there something needs to be changed. This allows them to trust Pancham and focus on their business.