Pancham Case Study:

Burn Boot Camp Fishers

The Run Down:

Closed 50 new members in one month, within 6 months of working with Pancham!

Biggest things Pancham helped move the needle on:

-Increase leads in the door (without people in the door none of this would be possible)

-Implementing a solid sales process for all lead types, not just warm referrals. I was able to dive deeper into these topics by joining Panchams coaching program.

- Pancham CSMs are available to discuss metrics with you throughout the month to keep you on track which is great! This helped me not only know my numbers but be able to track AND understand them. On the call I would ask, OK here’s what I’m seeing, what are you seeing?

After such great success we signed a second location on with the Pancham team.

- Maggie @ Burn Boot Camp Fishers