Pancham Case Study:

Burn Boot Camp Carmel

The Run Down:

Started with Pancham after owning Burn Boot Camp Carmel for 1 year. Needed to ramp up her marketing efforts and get to the next level. It was important to work with a professional marketing agency who knows what they are doing. When she started working with Pancham her gym was at 319 members just barely breaking even most months. After 18 months of working with Pancham she hit 526 members and just had her most successful promo ever.

Biggest things Pancham helped move the needle on:

  • Lead Management; she didn't have a CRM and needed help with follow up. Pancham taking on booking the first camp allowed her to focus on the in-gym experience.
  • Performance; Pancham took the time to learn about her franchise and culture. Pancham creates ads that target the right audience. In the Fall she had her biggest promotion ever, closing 75 new members.  
  • Professional; as a new owner she didn't know anything about digital marketing and social media marketing, having a professional company come in and take care of this for her was a huge weight off her shoulders.