Pancham Case Study:

Burn Boot Camp Ashburn

The Run Down:

Melanie Skinner purchased Burn Boot Camp Ashburn December 2022. At the time the gym had 396 members, gym has grown to 600 members in under 1 year.

Biggest things Pancham helped move the needle on:

  • Collaboration; loves that we come with ideas, suggestions and recommendations on ads, targeting, offers, creatives and budget. Melanie loves that she can come to us with a goal and we will make suggestions on how to get there. Its not cookie-cutter ads are personalized to her gym and her preferences. Melanie likes to use local content, Pancham provided guidance on what to shoot, how long the videos should be and how much content is needed.
  • Relationship; trusts that Pancham has her back, regular communication of results and suggestions. Solution is not always spend more on ads, she appreciates that we look out for her and her gym.
  • Booking the first camp; Loves that we take that off her plate, she can focus on the gym and allow her team to have work-life balance. As a new owner there was a lot to learn, knowing new leads are taken care of is a huge weight off her shoulders.