Your Guide to TikTok Ads

November 28, 2022

Your Guide to TikTok Ads

TikTok may have started out as a dancing app made for kids, but believe it or not, advertising on TikTok is extremely beneficial and can help scale your business. 

If you’re a business owner, you are looking out for the best places to advertise your business.  Keeping up with trends and constantly changing app algorithms can be very overwhelming, especially with other businesses taking over social media marketing platforms like Google Ads, Instagram Ads, or Facebook ads. 

So how can we solve this problem? Easy. 

Focus your attention on new trending social media platforms that are going viral right now.Consider advertising on a relatively new platform that is competitively taking over social media users’ attention and time. This is where TikTok advertising comes into focus.

After reading this article you will learn:

  1. Why you should consider TikTok Ads
  2. How to advertise on TikTok and types of TikTok Ads
  3. Tiktok Ads Strategies to boost your Business

Why run TikTok Ads?  

It’s safe to say that TikTok is taking over users' attention. Users can sit for HOURs daily watching algorithm-curated media. All they need to do is just… scroll up and it NEVER ends.  Consumers are provided with endless content that targets their needs. 

According to Statista, In 2021, TikTok generated four billion U.S. dollars in advertising revenue and it is expected to grow more and reach 13.8 billion U.S. dollars by 2026.

Not to mention the billions of new monthly worldwide users and high engagement rates. This is an audience and a platform that most brands simply can’t afford to ignore.

Types of TikTok Ads  

Before knowing how to Advertise on TikTok you need to understand the types of TikTok Ads.

Here are the best 5 TikTok ads roundup types you can utilize depending on your goal. 

#1 In-Feed Ads

These are video ads that appear in between user videos as they scroll through their For You Page. 

It can be anywhere from 9-15 seconds including multiple Call-To-Actions. 

Make sure your ad is interesting enough in the first 2 seconds to avoid  people scrolling past it. Use an engaging hook, attention-grabbing colors, and eye-catching movement to create an interesting ad.

Make it engaging enough so people would like, comment, and share it like they normally would with their usual feed content. 

Bonus Tip: Collaborate with influencers so they can create a creative ad for your business!

#2 Brand Takeover

Brand takeover ads are when the user receives an ad the moment they open TikTok. 

It’s a full screen that lets your target audience see the ad for around 3 seconds before the user can exist… They appear once a day.

It’s a more direct approach to ads and it stands out more. 

You can use GIFS, videos, images, or links to direct the user to your website or your Hashtag Challenge 

#3 TopView

TopView ads are usually 60-second video ads that occupy the user’s screen with a viral sound and auto plays. 

Unlike Brand Takeover ads, they don’t appear when they open the app. 

#4 Branded Hashtag Challenge

Speaking of Hashtag Challenges, what are those? 

They are a brand’s opportunity to spice up their organic and sponsored opportunities by encouraging user-generated content.

Like viral TikTok challenges and hashtags, if you successfully generate a trend that people like and can hop on, it’ll increase your chances of brand awareness and recognition.

They are mostly visible on TikTok’s Discovery page and when the user clicks on the hashtag they’re redirected to the TikTik landing page with all your business information including logo, name, brief description, website link, etc.

Bonus Tip:  To not pay an arm and a leg, a cost-effective alternative to paying for the hashtag’s visibility, would be collaborating with TikTok influencers to boost your hashtag.

#5 Branded Effects

There are branded stickers, AR filters, and lenses that are shareable and can live up to 10 days.

It encourages users to engage and interact with your brand in a fun way that sparks up your business awareness. 

How Much Does TikTok Advertising Cost Though?

Well, Voluum estimated that TikTok ads start at $10 per CPM (cost per 1000 views). Additionally, You are required to spend a minimum of $500 per campaign.

Brand Takeover ads with 5 million impressions guaranteed would cost around $50,000 per day

Infeed ads with a minimum of 600 impressions prepaid would cost $10 per impression

Hashtag Challenge ads would cost $150,000 per week

While Branded Filter ads would cost $80,000

Is it all worth it? Yes. As we’ve mentioned TikTok is a relatively new platform that’s emerging into the marketing world. There isn’t a lot of business pushing to advertise on it yet, so you’d still have space to build awareness with less competition. 

TikTok Ad Marketing Tips and Tricks

If you’re new to the TikTok world, Here are 3 important tips to get you started when marketing your brand on TikTok. 

1- Always Use Suitable Hashtags 

Avoid picking popular generic hashtags that could push down your content and don’t overuse hashtags

2- Follow TikTok Trends

Make it unique and stand out. Try to stay updated with the trends since they’re very short-lived. 

3- Post Often

TikTok tends to push content creators that post frequently. Set up a content calendar that allows you to post more than once a day for increased engagement. 


We’ve discussed why TikTok should be your go-to marketing tool in 2022 and why you need to get into it before it gets too crowded with other businesses.

In case you’re still wondering “What are the top TikTok Ads Strategies for businesses right now?”

Here are a few pointers to up your marketing strategy game. 

First: Get familiar with the app, binge-watch TikTok content and know how it really works.
Second: Know who you want to target especially since TikTok pushes content to everyone’s specific niche. 
Thirdly: Post Regularly and track your performance to see what you need to do more of and what you need to tweak. 

Again, this is still a newer platform where you can still experiment and have fun with it while still engaging with your target audience in an interactive way. 

If you want to know how brands go viral on a budget, check out How Brands Go Viral Using Creative Content Strategies on Tight Budgets.

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